Still consider? Start your collecting NOW!

Still consider? Start your collecting NOW!

Most of us have our preferred collecting habit. Some may collet stamps, jewelries, watches and coins which are good items for investment; some may collect toys and dolls which we would like get when we were kids; some may collect hand-written cards and painting which were given by our friends and family.

Every collection of objects has a unique story, and each individual collector has a distinctly personal reason for what brought them to their hobby. Collecting is a healthy and ordinary human activity that can be encouraged. Let's talk about why people like collecting and what we can gain through collecting.

Why people like collecting?

1. Emotional attachment
Everyone may have a small collection of personal memorabilia that has familial and emotional meaning. These sentimental collections, like old family photos, greeting cards from friends, family, or lovers, DIY presents from kids and other small reminders can bring back happy memories of lost people and past times.
"Mother" is a group of collectors who start collecting because of emotional attachment. Maybe, you can find a "secret" box with many your painting / DIY presents which were produced many years ago stored under your mum's


2. Nostalgia from childhood
Some people collect items that they loved as a kid, such as comic books, toys and dolls. These collections can help us relive our favorite moments with our loved ones, childhood mementos offer up the chance to connect to that special time in our life.

3. Make future investment
Some collectors believe that collecting as an investment, and they purposefully collect rare and vintage items like antiques, stamps, coins, toys with the hopes that all of their stuff will accumulate value overtime.

4. Create community & recognition
Some collectors are happy to share their collections with people who have the same interests same as them. When a community is formed, collectors can share their new collections and news about their collecting with group members. Happiness can be gained during gathering. 
Some collectors may want to be recognized for putting together the best collection of a particular object, so they may donate or loan their collection to a museum so that future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy that collection.

5. Having fun and enjoyment
This is the simple reason for collecting. As we find happiness when we collect something, we start collecting! 


Regardless the reasons of our collecting, we can gain the followings from collecting activity:

1. Reduce stress
When we spend time working on their collection, we can mentally focus on our collection and it will take our focus away from other things that are burdening us.  Collecting is a great way to kill stress as we can temporary forget our troublesome when we concentrate on our collecting.

2. Recap memories
Through collecting personal memorabilia, we can recall the past memories when we review these collections. These collections can bring us back happy memories and past times.

3. Create curiosity and gain knowledge
When someone is a collector, the urge for acquiring exquisite objects is often paired with a curiosity to learn more about the collectible item. This thirst for knowledge can help us obtain more knowledge and promote mental growth.

4. Increase wealth
As we said, some collectors start collecting due to investment concern. If they sold their collections under a high accumulated values, their wealth will be increased. 


Now, review our collections to start your collecting habit!

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