Shy to say "I love you"? Let's learn the ways to express your love!

Shy to say "I love you"? Let's learn the ways to express your love!

When we were kids, we could freely express our feelings and emotions without any burdens. 

  • When we were painful, we cried.
  • When we were happy, we laughed.
  • When we were angry, we shouted.
  • When we missed our parents, we hugged and kissed them.

However, have you remembered when and how did you share your caring and love to people you love when you grow up?

I guess many people will be same with me think that it is a "shame" when we express your lovely through words and actions on usual day. As it is odd to say "I love you" to your parents without special reason and your parents may be shocked towards to your sudden expression. 

In fact, everyone needs to release emotions to maintain our physical and psychological health. When we fail to express our emotions, our brain can often go into the fight-or-flight state. This is a physical reaction to stress that sets off a chain of events throughout our bodies. As a result, we will be sick. 

Besides, everyone will seek for loves, respects, cares and attentions given from the others since the above emotional factors will affect people's composition of personality and mindset. 

Now, I will give ideas how to share your caring and loves if you are shy to express your feeling to your love verbally. 

  1. Write a letter with the expression of your appreciation - although you may say you are not good at writing, it is not a matter. Remember, sincere content must be the most important in your letter. Grammatical and the rich in vocabulary are not the key issues you have to focus on. 

  2. Prepare a sudden surprise (e.g. buy a small gift / assist to do home work) - recall the needs and interests from the person you love, and then prepare a surprise based to their requests. Do not feel worried if your surprise maybe not fully fitted to their expectation or needs, they must be appreciated since your caring and love expression have been expressed via the action of surprise preparation. 

  3. Simply make calls / have regular visits - most of us are busy on working and managing our individual family when we are growth up. Hence, we may spend less time to express our loves, cares and appreciations to our lovers, especially parents. If you are unable or not used to express your feeling via wording, you can just share your loves through some usual actions which make you feel comfortable , for examples making calls and arrange regular visits every months. Although sweet conversation might not be discussed thru phone calls or face-to-face chatting, you can still express your caring to your parents by assisting their home work, listening to their stories and feelings, reminding them about the health diet. 

The above actions I have tried and worked! The relationship between my parents and I is improved and to be closer. At the beginning, I felt strange since I was not used to doing expression. However, when I have memorized that my parents' reduction of happiness due to lonely after I left home and have formed my individual family, I feel guilty and miss them so much. 

When you can visualize the happy smiles hanged on your lovers' faces, you will get energy to do actions for love sharing and expression. Do not feel worried about the consequences after your actions are done, nothings will be lost if you show 100% supports and loves to people you love.  

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