Nothing can make you happy? Discover your happiness from daily lives

Nothing can make you happy? Discover your happiness from daily lives

When we encounter frustration or failure, of course we will be unhappy. Meanwhile, some negative thoughts will be popped out from our mind suddenly, for examples:

  • I think I do well, but no one appreciate my effort.
  • This is not my fault, why everyone blames on me?
  • I am upset but cannot express my sadness, as no one can understand my feeling now.
  • Please leave me alone, I believe I am strong enough to overcome the current bad situation myself.

Do you imagine that you will be mesmerized by your negative mindsets or thoughts and feel deeper and deeper depressed if you do not switch your thinking mode and mood?

Sometimes, we may hear someone says, especially teenagers, "Nothing can make me happy since the world treats me poorly.". In fact, this is not a truth. If we are willing to observe and feel, "happiness" exists our surrounding lives.

How can we feel "happiness" form our lives? We should learn how to "appreciate" most of things we meet in our daily lives. 

  • When we wake up, we should appreciate we are still alive.
  • When we go out and enjoy the warm from sunlight, we should appreciate the gifts given from the nature, like sunlight, oxygen and wind.
  • We should appreciate we are able to express our emotions and feelings through languages, body postures or texts.
  • We should appreciate we have freedoms to select what we want to think and do.
  • We should appreciate we have affordability to use computer/tablet and internet network to view this blog post.
  • We should appreciate we meet parents, sibling, lovers or friends since we were born.
  • We should appreciate we are beloved. 
  • and others which you think you are enjoying at the moment but it is not a must for everyone, like health body, wealth and clever brain...

Once we have learn "appreciation", we may discover that our life are beautiful and the world is interesting and enjoyable. Though we will encounter struggles and challenges when we grow up, we are able to tackle them with the use of positive mindset and resources gained from our lives, such as other's love and support.  

Don't give up easily when we are not well as it is just temporary. Remain committed to our beliefs built up from "appreciation", we can be strong and become a fighter to overcome all difficulties!

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