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Growth Mindset VS Fixed Mindset (II)

Last time, we have introduced:

  • The difference between growth mindset & fixed mindset
  • How growth mindset benefits our life
  • How fixed mindset benefits our life

This week, we will discuss about how to develop your growth mindset if you agree it is fit to you.

To develop or enhance your mindset growth mindset, there are some ways you can try:

1. Realized that "You can Improve"
From the scientific view, our brains are built to grow and learn. By challenging yourself with new experiences,  you can form or strengthen neural connections to rewire your brain and change your mindset thinking. 

2. Remove the "fixed mindset" inner voice
Many people have a negative inner voice that acts against a growth mindset. We can nurture a growth mindset by changing our thoughts.

Below shows the examples of the beliefs from people with growth (GM) and fixed mindset (FM) separately:

FM: I am finding this task hard because I am stupid.
GM: This task is hard for me, because I am still developing my problem -solving skills in this area!

FM: When I struggle with something, it means I'm a failure.
GM: When I struggle with something, it means I have a chance to learn.

FM: I didn't do well, but I tried my best. What's the point in trying again if I did not get it perfect this time?
GM: I didn't do well, but I do not have to get it perfect this time. I just need to grow my understanding step by step.

3.  Ask for feedback
We can try to ask for feedback after the done of our work. We can realize ourselves what we did well and where we could improve. Once we have found the ways of the improvement, we will make changes and our growth mindset can be built gradually from changes.  

4. Get out of our comfort zone and try new challenge
When we stay in the comfort zone, we have never sought for the room of improvement as we might satisfy the current situation and will not make changes, hence fixed mindset is sticked into your life. To build our growth mindset, we try to choose the harder option when we are facing with a challenge, and hance we can gain growth from the challenge.

5. Accept failure as a part of the process
Do not afraid "Failure"! Failure and confusion are the important parts of our learning process. From the experience of failure, we can learn how to avoid the same mistakes made again. Besides, failure stimulates us to think the solutions to tackle the challenge. When learning process occurs, our new thoughts will be popped-up. As a result, our mindset may be change - get out from fixed mindset to growth mindset.  

Although the above ways may be not easy for us to implement or practice at the moment, we can believe "we have enough time to do them well when we maintain our persistence and passion on our growth" - growth mindset is achieved, isn't it? 😜

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