Sunlight is our good friend! Take Me Home

Sunlight is our good friend!

Do you love sunlight? I love it so much!

Do you feel warm and energetic when you stay under the sunlight?

Do you feel happier when you spend time in the sun?

According to research, sunlight benefits our physical and mental health. We can gain the following gifts from the sunlight:

  • Strengthen Bones - We can get vitamin D from the sunlight and vitamin D is essential for bone, heart, lung, dental, immune, nerve, and muscular health. Vitamin D allows us to absorb our calcium intake better, so makes our bone structure becoming stronger and healthier.

  • Improve the quality of sleep - Melatonin is a hormone that your brain produces in response to darkness. It helps with the timing of your circadian rhythms and with sleep. When we get enough light during the day, our our nighttime melatonin levels will be increased, which also help us to go to bed earlier. With the good quality of sleep, you can less feel sleepy and groggy in daylight and maintain a better work performance.   

  • Boost Overall Happiness - Numerous studies have found vitamin D reduces rates of depression and improve related symptoms for depressed people who is deficient in the vitamin D / with lower levels of vitamin D to begin with. It is because vitamin D regulates serotonin and calcium for its possible therapeutic impact on depression. 

Except of the above gifts, sunlight is our generous friend who gives us lots of valuable gifts WITHOUT chargeWish you have a lovely moment when you bask in the sun! 

*Reminder: Ensure have a good balance time spent in the sun with protecting the skin from burning!!

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