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Stay alone but not lonely

I love staying alone, but I am not lonely.

Although we may have more fun when we stay together with friends and family, we need a break time to enjoy our own lives sometimes.

I stay alone, I can lay on my bed till lunchtime on holidays.
I stay alone, I can listen to my lovely music, even it's unpopular. 
I stay alone, I can calm down myself and think about my future plans.

At lunchtime, I can share my GOOD morning with my friends when hand out.
At cafe, I can recommend my favorite music to my friends and start a nice music sharing session together.
At church, I can pray and share my thoughts with the GOD and gain a warm support. 

Sometimes, our friends and family are busy on their business and we may experience alone time. No worries about a moment bad feeling when we stay solely, when we have learnt how to enjoy "Me Time", we know how to explore our happiness even we are alone. 



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